Football is back! And that means craft brews are flowing!

Football is back! And that means craft brews are flowing!

Posted by Bouquet of Beer on Sep 11th 2020

Football is back! Finally! With the lack of professional sports this year, and if we’re being honest, the lack of any kind of entertainment or socialization, you can bet we are more excited than ever to watch our favorite teams rough each other up on national television. And, of course, we’ll have our favorite craft beer in hand.

According to the Harris Poll, 84% of “regular drinkers,” those who drink several times per year, associate football with one or more alcoholic beverage types and 75% of those folks picked beer as their top drink.

"There is no denying the concurrence of watching sports and enjoying an adult beverage. Given the surrounding business environment connected with professional sports, there is intense competition among those beverages to become that fan's beverage of choice - whether that occasion be at a sporting event or watching that sport at home or elsewhere," says Danny Brager, Senior Vice President of Nielsen's Beverage and Alcohol Practice.

Food Network captured a comprehensive list of craft breweries around the country that created brews that not only go down easy, but say a lot about their respective local NFL teams. Here are a few of our favorites:

Arizona Cardinals

Devil’s Ale by SanTan Brewing Company

With brightly colored cans and forward-thinking brews, SanTan brings craft beer to the Southwest in a major way, and Cardinals fans approve. Their flagship brew, Devil’s Ale, is a dark brew with a citrusy caramel malt flavor made with Cascade and Centennial hops grown in the Pacific Northwest. The result? Arizona’s highest-rated pale ale and a fan favorite.

Chicago Bears

Outlaw IPA by Two Brothers Brewing Company

Bears fans take drinking as seriously as they do football, and Outlaw IPA from Two Brothers Brewing is as bold and playful as its name suggests. Hoppy, with notes of citrus and pine and undertones of caramel malt, this variety is a favorite of locals who pick up cans on game day or flock to Jim and Jason Ebel's (yes, the two brothers) tap house just outside the Windy City.

Denver Broncos

White Rascal by Avery Brewing Company

Broncos fans have plenty of mile-high traditions, and just as they take their football seriously, they are equally passionate about their beer drinking. Enter Avery Brewing Company out of Boulder, known for over 20 years of beer production with an array of brews including year-round favorite White Rascal. This unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale is spiced with orange and coriander — slightly unexpected but light and easy to drink.

San Diego Chargers

West Coast IPA by Green Flash

Chargers fans may not have the best team in the nation, but it’s likely that they have the best weather, as well as damn good fish tacos and a handful of great breweries nearby. Case in point: Green Flash and their array of brews, like Hop Head Red, Le Freak and their West Coast IPA — a hoppy beer with pine, citrus and floral notes — that may just please the fans more than their team does.

For a full list, check out the Food Network feature.

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Here’s to an exciting season! Cheers!