Social Distancing Your Summer Getaway

Social Distancing Your Summer Getaway

Posted by Bouquet of Beer on Jul 28th 2020

Despite the pandemic and all the uncertainty in the world, one thing is for sure, we still crave nature. Whether it’s hiking, biking, days at the lake or boogie boarding at the beach, most of us are called to the outdoors and sunshine. But with social distancing and masking up a requirement in most states, how do we fit in a summer getaway before the kids have to go back to school and our “new normal” resumes?

According to Forbes, there are plenty of “safe” ways to enjoy the outdoors this summer - most of which call for a domestic road trip. Sedona offers beautiful hiking and should keep you from contracting Coronavirus - as long as it’s just you and the bunnies. Biking in Minneapolis, camping north of Santa Barbara, rafting in Arkansas, and scuba diving off Catalina Island rank high on their list as well.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back, relaxing trip, stargazing in Death Valley or the Gila National Forest of New Mexico should prove to be amazing, given they are Dark Sky Parks with no light pollution. Check out this full list of the International Dark Sky Parks to plan your socially-distanced stargazing getaway.

Regardless of how you plan to get outside and enjoy the little bit of summer we have left, one thing is certain - an ice cold beer will make your adventure more enjoyable! Whether it’s a fruity, refreshing hard seltzer like in our Fruity Budlight Hard Seltzer Bouquet, a light yet hoppy citrusy beer like in our Hop Valley Citrus Mistress Bouquet or something a bit more decadent like in our Breckenridge Vanilla Porter Bouquet, you’re sure to soak in nature a little bit deeper with your drink of choice in hand. Cheers!