What's the difference in beer glasses? Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

What's the difference in beer glasses? Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Posted by Bouquet of Beer on Feb 6th 2020

As long as there’s been beer, there’s been a vessel to drink it. The earliest cups made from stone, wood and even leather date back to around 9,000 B.C. Glass beer vessels can be traced back to Roman times, and in the Middle Ages, artisans expanded the beer vessel repertoire to include enameled glass beakers, stoneware tankards and the lidded stein. Pewter ruled the day in the 1800s. As glassmaking and beermaking techniques improved, glass became the preferred material to showcase clearer and more aromatic brews.

Why drink from a beer glass?

Beer enthusiasts agree: if you want the full beer-drinking experience, it’s best to own a glass or two for different types of beer styles. Why? The answer is right in front of you...your nose. Connoisseurs know that using your sense of smell while enjoying this adult beverage enhances the flavor—a missed opportunity when sipping from store-bought packaging. Engaging your sense of sight is also noted as a reason to invest in beer glasses. Being able to see the liquid’s color and clarity, as well as bubbles and foam, adds to your experience.

Types of beer glasses

Ready to find the beer glass that’s right for you? Reference the list below. It details 13 types of beer glasses—describing appearance, capacity, beer compatibility and other noteworthy characteristics...read more.