About Us

Our motto? Be Nice. Relax. Have a Beer!

Inspired by the beertopia we live in (Bend, Oregon) and fueled by a desire to do

something nice for each other, we dreamed up the Bouquet of Beer idea. The

storyline? Amy had a bad day. Daniel bought her flowers. Amy thought that was

sweet and brought home a six-pack to thank him. That was the AHA! moment. Amy

and Daniel called long-time friend and business confidant Andrew – and the ideas

started brewing. Bouquet of Beer was born shortly after.

Our goal?

We’re hell bent on making celebratory moments a little more unique, a little more

fun and a lot more lively. We’re also 100% positive that the world would be a

better place with a nice cold one every now and then.


Daniel and Amy

Amy and Daniel Brewster – Photo Credit: Abacus Photography: Images by Brian J. Bulemore


It is always important to test your sobriety